FrameMaker Console window messages are stored in a file called consfile.txt
in the FrameMaker folder. So, for any message written there, you can look at
this file after the build process completes.

For more complete reporting and scripting abilities, take a look at
FrameScript ( You can likely do everything you
are doing with your existing tools, plus much more. In your situation, you
could include a pre-processing script that would check your imported
graphics and cross-references, writing any problems to an error report.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.
rick at

I have several scripts to automate our PDF and HTML builds.  The builds are
completely custom (Bash scripts calling a combination of dzbatcher and Perl
scripts). We do not use Webworks.

Everything is working fine, except for reporting missing imported graphics.
We also sometimes get false errors in the consfile.txt file for "unresolved
cross references" that actually work fine.

I've seen this question asked before on some of the other forums (probably
here too), but here goes:  Is there any RELIABLE way to capture book build
errors in a text file during a batch build process launched on the command

- The Framester

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