Wow, I was being terse! Of course, a global find/change would work. I 
was thinking (but certainly did not describe) a client or script that would 
make a backup copy, do the global find/change you mention, generate the 
XML, and delete the backup copy.
   By the way, \r can be used to enter a forced return in a dialog box.

At 05:58 AM 7/1/2009, Chris Despopoulos wrote:
>I don't think you need scripts or FDK clients.  Can't you just find/change 
>on the book?  Of course, I forget the find char sequence for a 
>Shift-Return, but I'm fairly sure it exists...  (I always like to advocate 
>the low-tech solution if at all possible.)
>Lynne Price says...
>    Structured documents give you much more control of FrameMaker XML output
>than do unstructured documents. If you must stick with an unstructured
>approach, I recommend globally replacing the forced return with a
>recognizable string (e.g., "FORCED RETURN" or even the HTML "<br>" that you
>probably eventually want) that will not otherwise occur in your documents
>before generating the XML. You can use an FDK client or FrameScript to make
>this change in a temporary copy of the documents. Your HTML generator can
>look for this string and process it appropriately.
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