There are several questions that have been asked and never answered through 
this entire long thread. Some of these questions are:

-Why can't you use the Print Book command to print directly to the Adobe PDF 
virtual printer, which produces PDF outputs directly from FrameMaker? This 
might be soewhat more complicated to script than a Save As PDF process, but 
that should not be an insurmountable problem.

-Why can't you use one or more "watched folders" and use either Print to File 
or Save As PostScript to put PS files into the watched folder for Distiller to 
convert to PDF automatically, in the background? This is no more complicated to 
script than a Save As PDF workflow.

-What are the features of Acrobat 9.0 that you simply *must* have? And do you 
need to have those features on the same machine that initially produces the PDF 
files from FrameMaker? I believe you mentioned that the prime objective is 
generating PDFs that are enabled for commenting with Adobe Reader; that 
operation can only be accomplished in a post-processing step, and there's no 
obvious reason why that has to be done with the same machine the creates the 

-Since the underlying problem is one of compatibility between an old version of 
FrameMaker and the newest version of Acrobat, what about upgrading FrameMaker 
to a more current version? Reports are that at least 3 out of the 4 newer 
versions of FrameMaker do work with Acrobat 9.0. Yes, upgrading the FramMaker 
license does cost money, but how much time (including that of Adobe and of list 
members who have tried to provide help) has been wasted already?

-Fred Ridder 

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> Subject: RE: Save As not working with Acrobat Pro 9.0- issue still not 
> resolved
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> Hello All,
> I too have been using FM 7.0 with distiller 5.0 for 3 years and "Save As" was 
> working just fine.
> Other writers are using FM 7.0  and Acrobat Pro 8.0 since the last one year 
> and "Save As" is working just fine. 
> The issue is with FM 7.0 and Acrobat Pro 9.0. I have tried all suggestions 
> provided on the list including the patch sent by Adobe. NOTHING works. With 
> the patch pdf is generated but fonts in the document changes and the 
> consfile.txt is empty. I tried on a new clean machine. It still did not work. 
> As mentioned Printing to ps and then converting to pdf works fine. I have 
> over 300 manuals and definitely cannot convert them manually to ps and then 
> to pdf. I use script to autogenerate the pdfs and the script does not work 
> with Acrobat 9.0. 
> I also got to know that other writers who are not part of the list too are 
> facing similar problems and in their case too the patch did not work. The 
> patch is fine if one needs to convert to pdf randomly but not for a set of 
> 300-350 manuals with over 700 pages each. 
> B/R
> Garnier
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> > To be as clear as possible, the "save as PDF" feature of FrameMaker 7 
> > is not at all compatible with Acrobat 7, 8, or 9!
> > 
> >     - Dov

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