Garnier Garnier wrote:

> Installed FM 7.0 with distiller 5.0
> Then I attempted to install Acrobat Editor and Reader but failed
> Acrobat keeps prompting to remove distiller 5.0. It does not allow me
> proceed with the installation.
> How do I resolve this?

By removing Distiller 5.0, as the Acrobat 9 installation program asked!
(Actually, it should offer to remove it for you. I'm surprised that it

When you installed FM 7, installing Distiller 5 was _optional_. It's an
option that should _only_ be exercised by people who don't intend to
install the full version (Standard or Pro) of Acrobat. Since you
apparently have Acrobat Pro, you should ABSOLUTELY NOT install the
Distiller that came with FM 7. 

As a number of us have tried to make clear, multiple versions of Acrobat
do _not_ coexist nicely. As Stuart pointed out, there is no such thing
as Acrobat Editor. If you meant Acrobat Pro, it _includes_ Distiller. If
you want to install and use Acrobat Pro (any version), you absolutely
should _not_ have separate Distiller or Reader installations on your PC.

That said, I'd take Dov Isaac's word for it that FM 7.0's Save As PDF
won't work with the newer versions of Acrobat; FM 7.0 is pretty old. (FM
7.2, OTOH, works fine with Acrobat 7, which is when the printer instance
changed, and thus may work with Acro 8 or 9). 

But that brings up another question. IIRC, you originally said you were
switching from Distiller 5 to Acrobat Pro 9 in order to get the Enable
Commenting feature. But in your response to the Adobe engineer, you said
you'd been using Acro 8 for a year "and did not encounter any problems."
Acro 8 fully supports commenting (as does Acro 7). So I'm completely
confused as to why you're upgrading from Acro 8 to Acro 9 and why the
ancient Distiller 5 that was bundled with FM keeps re-entering the


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