> As mentioned Printing to ps and then converting to pdf works fine. I have
> over 300 manuals and definitely cannot convert them manually to ps and
> then to pdf. I use script to autogenerate the pdfs and the script does not
> work with Acrobat 9.0.

You're working too hard. Just print straight to the AdobePDF virtual printer
instance, instead. It does the same thing as printing to a PS file and then
distilling the PS into a PDF-- all in one step.

Alternately, look up "watched folders" in help, and print to a PS file in a
watched folder. Acrobat automatically distills any PS file placed into a
watched folder. Even cooler, you can set up different watched subfolders,
each tied to a different .joboptions file. So you might have a watched
folder tied to a .joboptions that distills with lo-res 72dpi graphics for
use on the Web. Or a watched folder that distills files with hi-res 300dpi
graphics for use on printing press. Etc.

Mike Wickham

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