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There are other ways to do this (Wine), but Parallels is plug-and-play:


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First of all, you folks are the best. Within minutes of posting, I  
was getting helpful responses.

Some of you have suggested I run Windows on my beloved Mac. I've been  
hesitant to do that, fearful that it might be buggy or cranky in some  
way. From what I'm hearing, that isn't the case. So, one last  
question --

Are any of you running the Adobe Technical Communications Suite on a  
Mac > VMWare Fusion > Windows XP? I'd love to go this route if it's  
reliable. And if I get reports that TCS is stable in this  
environment, the Windows box is heading for the dumpster. (For the  
record, I'm still running FM8 and will be for the foreseeable future.)

Again, most sincere thanks to all of you. You are amazing!

    --Donna Reynolds

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