We are still using FrameMaker 7.0. My co-worker was upgraded from
Acrobat 6 to 9 and she has no trouble using "print to PDF".


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I'm absolutely amazed that FrameMaker 7.0 "save as PDF" works at all
with Acrobat 8. It is contrary to information that I had internally. I
was under the strongest impression that FrameMaker 7.1 was the first
version that recognized "Adobe PDF" as the Distiller's printer as
opposed to "Acrobat Distiller" used in older Acrobat versions. Guess I
was given bad info internally.

I suspect that as long as you continue with FrameMaker 7.0, you'll need
to avoid upgrades to Acrobat 9, at least on the systems for which you
are relying on the "save as PDF" feature.

                - Dov

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If that is the case, I would like to know how come FM 7.0p576 is working
absolutely fine with Acrobat Pro 8.0? The Save As PDF works fine and so
does the script that all writers use to convert to pdf. All works fine
even without changing the locations of pdf printer instance or the
joboptions. Five writers are using FM 7.0 p576 with Acrobat Pro 8.0 and
face no issues whatsoever.

Upgrading FM is not so simple because of the volume of manuals that we
have. Besides the issue is with Acrobat Pro 9.0, therefore there is no
reason to upgrade. May be I should downgrade to 8.0 instead?



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The problem is not with Acrobat 9.

The problem is that the "save as PDF" function of FrameMaker 7.0 (since

Adobe has released 7.1, 7.2, 8.0, and 9.0) simply knows nothing about

registry settings and the "Adobe PDF" PostScript printer driver instance

by more recent versions of Acrobat (i.e, 7.x, 8.x, and 9.x).

Simply stated, your version of FrameMaker is way too old for

with Acrobat 9. There is no solution that Adobe can provide for you

than to advise you to upgrade FrameMaker.

It is most unfortunate that Adobe Technical Support did not (or was not

of) immediately giving you this information.

     - Dov

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> Hello Framers,


> Indeed sad to note that Adobe does not bother to resolve customer 
> issues. We have licensed version of

> Acrobat Pro 9.0 and our IT has filed a case ticket as per the 
> vendor/customer policy. Its over 10 days

> now but Adobe has not responded yet. I am still not able to use FM 
> 7.0's Save as feature after

> installing Acrobat Pro 9.0, inspite of trying all suggestions provided

> by the Frame users. It does not

> work even on a brand new machine either that has only these two tools 
> installed.  As already mentioned

> keeping the number of user guides in mind it is just feasible to use 
> the watch folder option as

> manually I anyway will have to distill each of the 350+  Frame books  
> nor do I have the bandwidth to

> modify the script. I have switched to the old distiller as that was 
> the only option left that would

> help me meet the deadline.


> Looks like customer support is non-existent in Adobe. I wish I had 
> known this before opting for Adobe

> products.


> Garnier

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