Garnier Garnier wrote:
> Hello Framers,
> Indeed sad to note that Adobe does not bother to resolve customer issues. We 
> have licensed version of Acrobat Pro 9.0 and our IT has filed a case ticket 
> as per the vendor/customer policy. Its over 10 days now but Adobe has not 
> responded yet. I am still not able to use FM 7.0?s Save as feature after 
> installing Acrobat Pro 9.0, inspite of trying all suggestions provided by the 
> Frame users. It does not work even on a brand new machine either that has 
> only these two tools installed.  As already mentioned keeping the number of 
> user guides in mind it is just feasible to use the watch folder option as 
> manually I anyway will have to distill each of the 350+  Frame books  nor do 
> I have the bandwidth to modify the script. I have switched to the old 
> distiller as that was the only option left that would help me meet the 
> deadline.
> Looks like customer support is non-existent in Adobe. I wish I had known this 
> before opting for Adobe products.
> Garnier
Adobe is not known for reliable customer service or support, or at least 
from my experience. Especially their offshored support...

However, the users in the forums on their website will often fix your 
problems. FWIW, I have reliable FM 7.0 functioning with Acrobat 8 Pro. 
However, I had to reinstall Pro 8 in order to do any updating past 
8.1.3--now at 8.1.6. No problems now.

Adobe had said that FM 7.0 would not work on Vista Ultimate. However, it 
worked just fine on mine for the past 30 months. I figured that Adobe 
was just trying to scare me into buying an upgrade...


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