FM, in general, doesn't support transparency very well.
In FM, do you have the properties of the graphic and of the frame that
holds it set so that Fill = None?

P.S. posting your configuration data with each question would be helpful...


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On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 9:41 PM, Ken Poshedly <poshedly at> wrote:
> Well, first, thanks to all for your tips to help me get a good TOC
> generated. I'm still working on that one, and while it hasn't
> happened so far, I did find that several graphics pasted into some
> reference pages from another document by my (not-so-FrameMaker-savy)
> coworker resulted in prompts to find the path to them each time some
> of these files were opened.
> After I deleted those graphics from the reference pages and
> re-imported them correctly, no more prompts for them.
> But that's as far as I got on that because now, my boss has assigned
> me a more pressing project, a revised cover design for this operator
> manal (for a hydraulic excavator -- REAL hardware). After I
> researched and assembled a great-looking cover, he held a meeting of
> the project engineers (with me included) where those who only know
> how to engineer started picking at and apart the work I had done.
> Sheesh! (The cover got lots of kudos before the meeting because they
> never had a tech writer here before.)
> So now, I'm trying to modify my cover design, but am running up
> against a seemingly immovable problem: importing a graphic with a
> supposedly transparent background that still displays a white background.
> My "revised cover" is to be slightly grey (perhaps 20% black tint,
> using FrameMaker). And the company logo with name is in red (logo)
> and black (company name in a custom font which I don't know or have).
> Oh, and our home office is in China and they do things very
> differently there and are very slow at responding.
> I'm still learning the in's and out's of Paintshop Pro X2, so that's
> another rocky road, but I think I successfully created a GIF file
> graphic with "no" background (it displays in Paintshop Pro with a
> checkered background) but only the red logo and black-lettered company name.
> But when I import it, the background is white. I'm trying to keep
> away from creating a GIF file with a 20% grey background because it's
> just my luck that it probably won't match the FrameMaker 20% grey cover.
> What to do? Please advise.
> -- Kenpo in Atlanta
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