> It's not very difficult to get images with transparent background
> in FrameMaker. What you have to do:
> o Only if you have a raster image: Create a mask in Photoshop/
>  Corel PhotoPaint/Paintshop Pro. Everything outside of the mask
>  will be transparent in the final PDF file.
> o Save the image (raster or vector) as EPS.
> o Import the image in FrameMaker.
> o Select the image and set "Fill" to "None" (via the tools palette).
> o Create a PDF file.

Just an addition to Winfried's fine message. It's not just a mask you want 
to create, it's a clipping mask. Search Photoshop help for "clipping mask" 
for more information. You may also want to search for "clipping path."

Mike Wickham

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