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>Are you saying that FrameMaker will have problems producing print and PDF
>with a .psd that contains transparency?

Yes. In addition to the PSD transparency not being handled as expected, a 
solid white rectangle is present underneath the image.


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> >... I'm still learning the in's and out's of Paintshop Pro X2, so
> >that's another rocky road, but I think I successfully created a GIF
> >file graphic with "no" background (it displays in Paintshop Pro with a
> >checkered background) but only the red logo and black-lettered company
> >
> >But when I import it, the background is white. I'm trying to keep away
> >from creating a GIF file with a 20% grey background because it's just
> >my luck that it probably won't match the FrameMaker 20% grey cover.
> >
> >What to do? Please advise.
>FrameMaker does not support transparency in bitmaps when producing
>print/PDFs. The best workaround is probably to have a single consolidated
>image for the entire cover, and include that in FrameMaker.
>[ Somewhat related: I recently implemented support for color masking in
>images which are placed in layers through hypertext markers with
>FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers + Presentation Assistant -- see sample PDF
>at http://www.microtype.com/showcase/PresentAsst/TransparentBgnd.pdf .
>Support for image insertion through hypertext marker was added as a
>workaround for another problem... FrameMaker places a solid white rectangle
>underneath images in the PS/PDF it produces, which obscured items in PDF
>layers. ]
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