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> I'm having no success in generating a book TOC where each line entry
> includes the topic (either level 1 or level 2), followed by a tabbed
> leader, followed by the "chapnum", then a dash and then the "pagenum",
> this:
> BLAH-BLAH LEVEL 1 ................................1-3
>    BLAH-BLAH LEVEL 2 .............................1-4

As Fred said, after adding <$chapnum> to the reference page TOC spec
entries, you have to update/generate. But you may also have another
problem regarding this:

> With the book file and all chapters opened, Format > Document >
> and "1" was selected for the first chapter and Continue Numbering from
> Previous File in Book was used for the subsequent chapters.

You need to set both the chapter numbering and the page numbering.
They're on separate tabs of the Numbering Properties dialog. For chapter
1, set both Chapter # and First Page # to 1, Format Numeric. For
subsequent chapters, yes, you set Chapter to Continue Numbering from
Previous File in Book. But for Page, you still set First Page # to 1,
Format Numeric. 

IOW, if your page numbering uses chapter number prefixes, then it should
start over for each chapter. It would be quite confusing to use a folio
numbering format (chapter-page), but number pages continuously


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