Exactly what version of FrameMaker are you using with Acrobat 9?

If you are using versions of FrameMaker earlier than 7.2, what you are 
would naturally be expected. Why? Acrobat 7 changed the name of the PostScript 
driver instance from "Acrobat Distiller" (or some name similar to that) to 
"Adobe PDF."
I believe that FrameMaker 7.2 was the first version of FrameMaker to 
"coordinate" with
that name change.

        - Dov

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> Subject: Save As not working with Acrobat Pro 9.0
> Hello listers,
> After installing Acrobat Pro 9.0 the ?Save As? option has ceased to work and 
> throws an error ?the
> selected job option does not exist in the current installation. Create a job 
> option or select an
> existing job option? Selecting OK throws another error ?Framemaker could not 
> find Acrobat Distiller
> instance. The distiller instance must be installed to execute the Save As 
> command?. So am compelled to
> distill to .ps and then to pdf. From some of the earlier posts this seems to 
> be a known error. Is it
> so?
> How do I fix this issue?
> B/R
> Garnier

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