There is another solution to this problem and it is associated with the PPD 
files themselves
and their support for "printer resident fonts." At one time (over 18 years 
ago), it was
considered useful for PostScript printers to have "resident fonts" such that 
less memory
was needed in the printer and more importantly, smaller data streams needed to 
be sent to
the printer with each job. One was able to assume that all the fonts listed in 
the PPD
file were resident and available in the printer.

Unfortunately, Windows' internal font enumeration mechanism treated those 
fonts as if they actually existed on the host computer as well which has led to 
all sorts
of problems over the years. Other Adobe applications, such as InDesign, 
Illustrator, and
Photoshop handled these issues by doing their own font enumeration including 
only those 
fonts resident on the user's host computer and totally ignoring any fonts 
specified by
the PPD files for PostScript printers or otherwise treated as printer-resident 
non-PostScript printer drivers.

For PostScript printer driver instances, the fix has been to edit the PPD files 
eliminate all references to resident fonts except for Courier. Then delete the 
.BPD files.

        - Dov

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> Subject: RE: Save As not working with Acrobat Pro 9.0
> Not exactly correct, Nadine. The message that Garnier refers to occurs 
> whenever you change the printer
> you have selected--for example when you change from your system's default 
> printer to the Adobe PDF
> printer. The reason for the message is that on a Windows system the 
> information on font metrics (the
> dimensions of individual glyphs) come from the printer driver; when you 
> change to a different printer,
> you change to a differen driver and a different database of font metrics, 
> hence the warning.
> One solution is to set the Adobe PDF virtual printer as your system default, 
> so that there is no
> change in the printer selection when you make a PDF. Another approach is to 
> downoal and install the
> SetPrint plug-in from, which allows you to set the default 
> printer _for_FrameMaker_
> independently from the system printer selection.
> But if the fonts that appear in the document itself change, it is an 
> indication that Garnier has not
> correctly configured the font locations in Distiller after installing the 
> Acrobat suite, and/or that
> Garnier's document uses a font that is resident in some phyiscal printer but 
> not installed in "soft"
> form on the local system. Fonts have to be accessible to the Distiller 
> (located on local or network
> drives in locations that are set up in the Distiller Font Locations 
> configuration) for the Adobe PDF
> printer to be able to use them.
> -Fred Ridder
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> >
> > I believe that means that the Adobe PDF printer does not support the
> > font that you used for your headers.
> >
> > Nadine
> >
> > Garnier Garnier wrote:
> > > Please excuse the contents of another mail(direct offline response) that 
> > > was attached accidently
> in the earlier mail.
> > >
> > >
> > > Yes I am aware of the same and hence I was trying to clarify the 
> > > same,that is a known error.
> > >
> > > File >Print option >Adobe PDF throws "Font information on your system has 
> > > changed" error and
> changes the fonts (used in headings.
> > >
> > > I have uninstalled the Acrobat 5.0 before installing Acrobat Pro 9.0.
> > >
> > > B/R
> > > Garnier

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