As I understand it there is no dialog operator to find that. I guess that is
the case because it is 'outside' the text flow and therefore is not searched
as a 'text symbol'. Your best option is to search for end-of-paragraph

If however you are seeking to navigate to the end of a flow of text, I think
there is a way to move the Insertion Point to the end of a flow (IPEndOfFlow)
but I can't think of it at the moment. It may be neccesary for you to define a
keyboard command for this action(?).

Information on Customizing FrameMaker's behaviour can be found here:

(Sorry, you didn't say which version).


> In a table cell with View->Text Symbols turned on, how do I search
> for a blank space following the last alpha-numeric character and
> preceding the section symbol? I know the keyboard strokes to search
> for the tab symbol, forced return symbol, end-of-paragraph symbol,
> etc., but none of my quick-reference guides define the section symbol.
> Thanks!

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