Carol J. Elkins wrote:
> Stuart, Dick, and all,
> When I search for text using the backslash-f term with Wildcards 
> turned on, I receive a message that "The item you are searching for 
> requires text in the Find text box." When I precede the backslash-f 
> term with a space, then I find every space in the entire doc--not 
> just the ones at the end of table cells. The same result occurs if I 
> use the string "[0-9] \f" or "[a-z] \f"  I'm using Frame 7 on a Win2K 
> system. Someone indicated having the same problem on an XP system as 
> well. So searching for an end of table cell symbol may indeed not be possible.
> To the others who replied (thank you!), I wasn't looking for an end 
> of paragraph symbol (\p) or a typographic section symbol (Alt-0167), 
> or a forced-return symbol (\r).

<scratches head>
Hmm.  I only did the quickest test so didn't encounter finding all those 
other spaces.  Does seem like \f has no effect.
</scratches head>

However, you might be able to work with ' $' (space, dollar sign) with 
wildcards turned on.  That finds a space at the end of a paragraph or 
cell (not the end of a line, as the Help says) -- also throughout the 
whole doc., not just tables.  Depending on your document, it could help...

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