The FM help and book both list \f as being the sequence for finding the
end-of-flow or end-of-table-cell character (which I think is what you
mean by the section symbol), so something like "[0-9] \f" _should_ work.

However, trying it out (on FM 7, Windows XP), it does seem to work, but
will also find anything with a ending with a digit and a space, so
adding \f doesn't seem to do much. 

Is this a bug in FM7? I'm sure I've used \f in the past for tidying up
tables and it worked (only it didn't actually select the end-of-flow
symbol, and of course you can't replace it).


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In a table cell with View->Text Symbols turned on, how do I search 
for a blank space following the last alpha-numeric character and 
preceding the section symbol? I know the keyboard strokes to search 
for the tab symbol, forced return symbol, end-of-paragraph symbol, 
etc., but none of my quick-reference guides define the section symbol.



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