Klaus Daube wrote:
> On 5 Mar 2009 at 13:59, Stuart Rogers wrote:
>> <scratches head>
>> Hmm.  I only did the quickest test so didn't encounter finding all those
>> other spaces.  Does seem like \f has no effect. </scratches head>
> Well, actually we are no searching for the section symbol ? (as text), but 
> for the text 
> symbol representing: end of flow, end of cell, end of footnote.
> In FrameMaker 8 (p277) a search for " \f" (without the quotes) will find what 
> you search for. 
> However, in a document containing footnotes and tables, the \f (with no 
> preceeding character, 
> such as a or * (wildcard for any except punctuation) will enter each cell and 
> each footnote?

Hi Klaus,

In FM 7, the Help says "\f" will find end of flow or end of table cell, 
but a search for " \f" finds every space in the document without regard 
to its position, and a search for "\f" brings up an error message.

When I have the courage to install my TCS 2 trial, I'll see what FM 9 does!


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