Please forgive the OT post, but I'm hoping some of the PDF gurus on the list 
may be able to help.

I have  a PDF that was created using Mac OSX 10.3.9. It displays fine on my 
Windows XP SP3 machine, but I cannot extract the text and create a Word
doc. When I try Save As, I get nothing produced except an error:

Bad PDF; could not read page structure. <Bad PDF; error in processing fonts: 
cannot find CMAP resource file> [33]

The same error occurs saving as RTF, Word doc, HTML, or text. Actually saving 
as text creates a file that consists of periods only.

If I try to select text, copy and paste into Word, I get a series of question 
marks. I guess it's a font thing. The PDF has no security applied.

I googled the error, but no help.


Roger Shuttleworth

London, Canada

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