Jim Pinkham wrote:
> Any possibility of printing, scanning, and OCRing (with Adobe Paper
Capture or another tool) the document? Not an elegant solution, perhaps,
but quite possibly faster than retyping, if this approach is feasible
for you.

Other similar possibilities:

1. Print/save the file as a TIF image (all font info disappears) and use
an OCR on that.

2. Try one of the PDF to Word convertors - I have had decent luck with
PDF Converter Professional from Scansoft (now called Nuance, as I
recall). I don't know what it would do on missing/corrupted fonts
though. Roger, if you want me to give this a shot on a small version of
the file, please feel free to e-mail some of the pages (extracted from
the PDF) to me and I will give it a shot.


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