Any possibility of printing, scanning, and OCRing (with Adobe Paper Capture or 
another tool) the document? Not an elegant solution, perhaps, but quite 
possibly faster than retyping, if this approach is feasible for you.

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Well, at least you've got it down to a font problem.

If you don't have access to a Mac that may have the missing fonts, you may want 
to try a third-party tool, such as: which at least gives you a free trial.

But if you can't find a Mac and the converters don't work, you probably need to 
start typing.


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On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 1:51 PM, Shuttleworth, Roger <Roger_Shuttleworth at> wrote:
> Wow, that was worth a try! However...
> I reprinted the PDF to the Adobe PDF printer. No problems. The file displays 
> OK.
> I tried Save As RTF from the redistilled version and got an informative 
> message:
> "Acrobat was able to make this document accessible but found the following 
> oddities:
> Some font(s) missing information needed to determine the characters 
> that correspond to the symbols (glyphs) in the font. [90 of 90 glyphs (Apple 
> Chancery)]"
> [I wonder what "accessible" means in this context? I'm none too 
> familiar with Accessibility settings, but when I tried a Full Check it 
> said, "All of the text in this document lacks a language 
> specification." But perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree here.]
> Apple Chancery is indeed an embedded subset in the original PDF.
> The resultant RTF is rather interesting but of no use to me. It consists of 
> all caps, and a sample appears below:
> Saving as text produces similar all-cap text.
> It's beginning to look as though I'll have to retype the doc...the original 
> source doc is lost (not by me, I might add!).
> Roger
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> Subject: Re: OT: Cannot extract text from PDF
> Have you tried:
> * Copy/Paste
> * Printing to PDF from Acrobat Pro, then trying to extract text by Save As?
> Regards,
> Peter Gold
> KnowHow ProServices
> On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 11:54 AM, Shuttleworth, Roger 
> <Roger_Shuttleworth at> wrote:
>> Thanks for your help.
>> I can save other PDFs without a problem.
>> My Acrobat version is Acrobat Pro 7.1.0.
>> The Application was AppleWorks. The PDF Producer is Mac OSX 10.3.9 
>> Quartz PdfContext according to the Document Properties window. There seems 
>> to be nothing else interesting in the metadata, and no security applied.
>> Roger
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>> Subject: Re: OT: Cannot extract text from PDF
>>>> I have ?a PDF that was created using Mac OSX 10.3.9. It displays 
>>>> fine on my Windows XP SP3 machine, but I cannot extract the text 
>>>> and create a
> Word
>>>> doc. When I try Save As, I get nothing produced except an error:
>>>> Bad PDF; could not read page structure. <Bad PDF; error in 
>>>> processing fonts: cannot find CMAP resource file> [33]
>> If the PDF was made using Mac's Preview application, this could be 
>> the problem; check document info for Creator.
>> If you get the same error when trying to Save As with all documents, 
>> the Acrobat installation may be corrupted.

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