Wow, that was worth a try! However...

I reprinted the PDF to the Adobe PDF printer. No problems. The file displays OK.

I tried Save As RTF from the redistilled version and got an informative message:

"Acrobat was able to make this document accessible but found the following 

Some font(s) missing information needed to determine the characters that 
correspond to the symbols (glyphs) in the font. [90 of 90 glyphs (Apple

[I wonder what "accessible" means in this context? I'm none too familiar with 
Accessibility settings, but when I tried a Full Check it said, "All of
the text in this document lacks a language specification." But perhaps I'm 
barking up the wrong tree here.]

Apple Chancery is indeed an embedded subset in the original PDF.
The resultant RTF is rather interesting but of no use to me. It consists of all 
caps, and a sample appears below:

Saving as text produces similar all-cap text.

It's beginning to look as though I'll have to retype the doc...the original 
source doc is lost (not by me, I might add!).


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Have you tried:

* Copy/Paste
* Printing to PDF from Acrobat Pro, then trying to extract text by Save As?



Peter Gold
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On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 11:54 AM, Shuttleworth, Roger
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> Thanks for your help.
> I can save other PDFs without a problem.
> My Acrobat version is Acrobat Pro 7.1.0.
> The Application was AppleWorks. The PDF Producer is Mac OSX 10.3.9 Quartz 
> PdfContext according to the Document Properties window. There seems to be
> nothing else interesting in the metadata, and no security applied.
> Roger
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>>> I have ?a PDF that was created using Mac OSX 10.3.9. It displays fine on my 
>>> Windows XP SP3 machine, but I cannot extract the text and create a
>>> doc. When I try Save As, I get nothing produced except an error:
>>> Bad PDF; could not read page structure. <Bad PDF; error in processing 
>>> fonts: cannot find CMAP resource file> [33]
> If the PDF was made using Mac's Preview application, this could be the 
> problem;
> check document info for Creator.
> If you get the same error when trying to Save As with all documents,
> the Acrobat installation may be corrupted.

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