Avraham Makeler wrote: 

> The Book window can display the chapter entries in one of two
> views: 'Display heading text' or 'Display filenames'.
> In the 'Display heading text' view I see that instead of displaying
> title of the chapter, it just displays whatever happens to be the
> line
> of the chapter text frame (rather than the chapter title in the
> head
> frame (did I call it by the right name...?). Is there a configuration
> option
> anywhere to change this? Or do the documents have a fundamental
> flaw that is only apparent through the 'Display heading text' view?

There's no fundamental flaw, and FM has no such concept as "chapter head
frame." FM (quite reasonably, IMHO) assumes that your chapters begin
with a title, so it displays the first pgf (or as much of it as fits on
one line) in the main flow of the document. 

Apparently, you have the title in its own text frame (which is fine)
that's not part of the main flow (which is not so fine). Connect your
"chapter head frames" to the text frames that follow them so that the
text in them is at the beginning of the main flow. 


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