I think you answered your own question by your reference to a "chapter head 
frame". The "display heading text" mode actually displays the first paragraph 
in the main text flow, on the assumption that this is where the heading will be 
at least 95% of the time. If your chapter head is in a separate frame rather 
than the main text flow, you'll never see it in the book window. 

And beyond that, you might also see some anomalies in the order of entries in 
your FrameMaker TOC, and you could even see some anomalies in the bookmarks 
pane of any PDF you generate of the book, because in both cases each chapter 
file is scanned on a flow-by-flow basis. Keeping everything in one flow is 
really a good idea unless you simply can't achieve the desired page layout 
without some awkward kludge.

-Fred Ridder

> Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 20:38:14 +0300
> Subject: 'Display Heading Text' in Book window displays first line of the 
> text frame
> From: amakeler at gmail.com
> To: framers at lists.frameusers.com
> Hi all,
> I finally got around to investigating something weird I have been
> seeing from my day #1 on a load of FM docs I have inherited.
> The Book window can display the chapter entries in one of two different
> views: 'Display heading text' or 'Display filenames'.
> In the 'Display heading text' view I see that instead of displaying the
> title of the chapter, it just displays whatever happens to be the first line
> of the chapter text frame (rather than the chapter title in the chapter head
> frame (did I call it by the right name...?). Is there a configuration option
> anywhere to change this? Or do the documents have a fundamental structural
> flaw that is only apparent through the 'Display heading text' view?
> - avi
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