> I just want to share this with the list and absorb the response. My boss
> today told me to "write a procedure on how to write a manual" and he
> also stated to me that anyone could be a writer, he did not understand
> what all the fuss was about tech writing, anyone could do it. Needless
> to say, I am still sitting at my desk trying to sort through the myriad
> of reactions I am having! I cant wait to hear everyone's thoughts.

Easy! It's a two- or three-step procedure that takes only five minutes:

Step 1. Go to this link on Amazon: 
and select one of the books about how to write a manual. Or go here: 
for tech writing books.

Step 2. Send your selection to your boss.

Step 3. (Optional, but recommended) Go here: 
and buy _When Smart People Work for Dumb Bosses._ Send it to yourself.

Warning! Do not mix up steps 2 and 3!

: )

Mike Wickham

P.S. You have my sympathy.

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