On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 1:58 PM, Richard Melanson
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> I just want to share this with the list and absorb the response. My boss
> today told me to "write a procedure on how to write a manual" and he
> also stated to me that anyone could be a writer, he did not understand
> what all the fuss was about tech writing, anyone could do it.

The first part about a procedure is not so far-fetched in a regulation
and standards-rich environment. The procedure won't be a literal
step-by-microcosmic step description of what happens, but it will set
out the requirements of the process and final product. Your
circumstances, however, may not be so heavy on the regulations and

That second part about "anyone can do it", though... that looks like
the tip of some kind of iceberg. Is there someone else you can talk to
in the organization who knows the context and players?

Good luck.

Milan Davidovic

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