This is easy. 14 steps: 

1. Identify the audience
2. Identify the information needs of that audience (job aids, user guides,
and so on)
3. Identify the tasks the audience needs to do
4. Identify the supporting info the audience needs to do those tasks
5. Identify the best way to deliver the information (PDF, help, others)
6. Create a plan that layout all this information
7. Assign time estimates to the plan
8. Decide what can be cut due to time limitations
9. Start creating the information, adapting to the changing product
10. Review by others
11. Make the review changes
12. Build "gold" candidates
13. Deliver the finals
14. Archive the finals, including all planning information

Of course, these steps include a lot of embedded steps and domain knowledge
in our field. But these are the steps. 


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First, thank you Everyone, you guys always have the answers to
questions, even when I don't post questions :-) 

I just want to share this with the list and absorb the response. My boss
today told me to "write a procedure on how to write a manual" and he
also stated to me that anyone could be a writer, he did not understand
what all the fuss was about tech writing, anyone could do it. Needless
to say, I am still sitting at my desk trying to sort through the myriad
of reactions I am having! I cant wait to hear everyone's thoughts. 


PS: Does anyone have a procedure how to write a manual ;-)

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