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> This is easy. 14 steps: 
> 1. Identify the audience
> 2. Identify the information needs of that audience (job aids, user 
> guides, and so on) 3. Identify the tasks the audience needs to do 4. 
> Identify the supporting info the audience needs to do those tasks 5. 
> Identify the best way to deliver the information (PDF, help, others) 
> 6. Create a plan that layout all this information 7. Assign time 
> estimates to the plan 8. Decide what can be cut due to time 
> limitations 9.
> Start creating the information, adapting to the changing product 10. 
> Review by others 11. Make the review changes 12.
> Build "gold" candidates 13. Deliver the finals 14. Archive the finals,

> including all planning information
> Of course, these steps include a lot of embedded steps and domain 
> knowledge in our field. But these are the steps.

I think you skipped something important:

1. Hire a tech writer.

"Let what comes, come,
Let what goes, go,
Find out what remains."
Sri Ramana Maharshi


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