Hi Lynne,

I am glad to hear that.  We were told by a couple of engineers in one of our
divisions in Japan that they could not find an FDK function in FM8 that
would do it.  If you would not mind, could you please tell me the names of
the functions that do this?

Thanks lots,

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At 08:04 PM 10/28/2009, Diane Gaskill wrote:
>If I read your message correctly, FM9 has a function in the FDK that can
>import filter-by-attribute settings.  Please confirm.  This will solve a
>major problem for us.

   Sorry for the delay in responding. It isn't a single function, but I
confirm that the FM9 FDK can copy "attribute expressions" used in
filter-by-attribute from one document to another and can apply a selected
expression. I haven't needed to use it, but it should also be able to
identify the applied filter and hence copy that setting as well to another
document. The relevant properties are documented in the FM8 FDK
documentation, so the FM8 FDK should be able to do so as well.

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