Hi Rick,

10,000?  That's considerably more than I expected.  Thanks lots for doing that. 
 I've just gotta make the time to learn FS. :-)

I'm not sure how many we need, maybe 100 or so.  We're trying to come up with a 
common set of variables that we can use across the department for all the 
versions of the products we document.  This is part of our content modeling and 
reusability plan.  We also single source some of the docs to RH and also 
rebrand some of our our docs for an OEM customer.  Challenging, for sure.

Now all we have to do is make sure that the variables save in XML.  According 
to the FM help, they do. As you know, one of our OEMs uses Arbortext and we use 
a DocBook template that creates XML that they can import.  Even more 
challenging, to put it nicely, because profile attribute settings (the DocBook 
XML equivalent of conditional text) cannot be imported across the book from one 
chapter like conditional text can.  I'm told that there is no function in the 
FDK that can do this, so apparently FS cannot solve this problem.  

Thanks again.


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Hi Diane,

I am not sure what the limit is, but I just used this little code snippet to 
create 10,000 of them in a blank document, and it seemed to work fine. 

Loop While(i <= 10000) LoopVar(i) Init(1) Incr(1)
  New VariableFormat DocObject(ActiveDoc) Name('Variable'+i);

How many do you need?

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.
rick at frameexpert.com

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Hi Matt, Rick, and Everyone,

What the maximum number of user variables that can be created in FM 8?  The FM 
help says that the maximum number of characters in a variable definition is 
255, but does not specify the maximum number of variables.  


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