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> What the maximum number of user variables that can be created in FM 8? 
> The FM help says that the maximum number of characters in a variable
> definition is 255, but does not specify the maximum number of variables.  

Diana, I have found out this for the length of variable contents:
>From FM 8.0: up to 2023 Windows Codepage characters or up to 2022 UTF-8 

Concerning the maximum number of variable definitions you got an answer 
already (seems to be limited by RAM only). There may, however be a 
limit depending on other objects:

The internal context table is a memory construct that holds many types 
of FrameMaker document objects. The following table illustrates the 
different entries and their requirements.
element: 2 entries; variable: 2 entries; cross-reference: 2 entries; 
marker (any type): 1 entry; table: 1 entry; anchored frame: 1 entry; 
hidden conditional text: 1 entry per block. In FrameMaker 5.5, maximum 
number of entries is 2^24 (16 777 216).
[Adobe support data base]

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