You can take the pods and rip them free from the interface, float and size
them, and then save the settings. There are things that can be done to
improve the interface, but this approach may help.

Basically just set up the interface the way you want it, then go up to the
top right where you see the various names for the predefined configurations.
Click and go to save your own.

Note that at times you will apply one (like your own) and then still have to
go and reset it as well. If I figure out the logic behind when and why I'll
let people know.

I do have some free info at under the
References section that may help. Check the book on DITA and FrameMaker. In
it, the first chapter (and the associated tutorial) has you do some
configuration. Hopefully that helps.


Bernard Aschwanden
Publishing Smarter 

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Subject: [Free Framers] With Apologies to RJ - just can't quite feel the
love or embrace this FM9 interface

The horrendous amount of real estate that these blasted pods take up is just
mind-boggling and it appears to be all or nothing.  Either the pod has to be
open all the way or you can "iconize" the view, neither of which is a
feasible solution. The interface I would like, as "antiquated" as it might
be is one that mimics ghosts of FM past - you know, having the paragraph
designer open as a list of the tags, the character designer open as a list
of tags, etc.

I have watched RJ's video on customizing the workspace, and all that is
shown is the "completely open" or "iconized" version. Unless it was just
inadvertently left out of the presentation, there appears to be no way to
get the "in-between" version - just the lists please. 

Has anyone figured out a way to get this "in-between" appearance of the two
most basic pods - paragraph and character designer or am I stuck with
Adobe's almost eerily "we are like Microsoft approach" - that is, we give
you what we think is best and too bad if it isn't?

Sorry RJ - just can't quite embrace this new interface - after using it for
a few days now, I would rather be embracing a stiff drink and a handful of


Tammy Van Boening


Spectrum Writing, LLC

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