Thanks to all of the onlist and offlist replies. What I found pretty
consistently is the inconsistency with which users out there have had
success. An approach that one user mentioned offlist did not work for
another offlist responder.  The common thread seems to be "I am supposed to
be able to get it to work this way and I can" or "I am supposed to get it to
work this way and I can't."

What Bernard mentioned in his onlist post: " Note that at times you will
apply one (like your own) and then still have to go and reset it as well. If
I figure out the logic behind when and why I'll let people know."

is the major issue for me. I have the catalogs open for paragraph and
character and the panels docked in the order that I want them docked, and
the catalogs just don't want to seem to stay open. I constantly have to
reset my workspace and why this is an issue, I don't know. Two users offlist
indicated that they had no problems with this and two indicated that they

That is why I was referring to the all or nothing issue.  I can keep my
panels docked and iconized and open them when I need to get to the catalogs
or I can keep hoping that my workspace with the open catalogs eventually
decide to hang around.

I DO have dual monitors and they are both widescreen (to deal with all the
"caca" as Kelly stated - LOL!) but it's just more overhead than I like to
deal with, but I know that I don't have a choice.

Thanks all -  these lists are invaluable and they really provide insight and


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