Are other graphic visible?? In the View > Options dialog, there's a check box 
to hide graphics (makes scrolling through pages much faster).

Is it possible that the offset info is corrupt so the image is masked by the 
anchored frame?? If you see the a-frame, click on its border and then control-a 
to select the contents and then use Graphics > Object Properties to see and 
adjust as needed.?? Or the Run-Around properties are out-of-whack....

Another outside possibility is that there is a duplicate text frame overlaying 
them, but you can often discern that if you page backward and forward - the 
graphic will 'flash' for a second before being covered by the text frame.? The 
duplicate frame happens all-too-easily if you control-drag on the page - the 
"shortcut" to duplicate an object in FM.

None of these sound particualrly likely from your description, but you never 
know what may help resolve one of these situations or trigger the "eureka" 
moment to fix it...

Good luck, and let us know the outcome.

? Les

--- On Mon, 11/30/09, Steve Rickaby <srickaby at> wrote:
FrameMaker 7.0 in Classic on OS X 10.4.11.

In twenty years I've never seen this. In the book I'm working on one chapter 
has many anchored frames and a few tables. While adjusting these to optimize 
the pagination, I've cut and pasted anchored frames only to have them not 
display. The anchor is there and can be searched for, but the frame is 
invisible: it's as if it's gone behind another frame or table. Frame contents 
are PDF files imported by reference.

the only unusual thing about this book is that the source files were brought in 
from Word via RTF, but MIF-washing does not seem to affect this issue. This is 
by far the most serious bug I've ever come across in what is otherwise and 
outstandingly reliable product. My question: has anyone else seen this 
behaviour, and if so, do you know the cause and a fix?

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