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> As an aside, I think a special torment in Hell should be reserved for
> software textbook authors who insist on including code samples that are
> longer than a single page. If they fall in the text flow there's no
> problem, but for some books we set these in shaded call-outs, in this case
> with figure titles, and the only vaguely adequate way I know how to do
> this in Frame is to use single-column tables. Messing with rows/page
> breaks during final pagination is a real pain, and all the cutting and
> pasting it involves increases the chance that something will get lost. If
> anyone knows of a more elegant way I'd be interested. This is, probably,
> completely unrelated to the anchored frame issue, except that it means
> that a book has a *lot* of tables and anchored frames.

How about this idea:
- Convert all lines (paragraphs) of the code example to a table (one paragraph 
becoming one 
- Use a table format with no horizontal ruling between the rows.
- The the automatic breakting between the rows should be no problem.

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