At 11:37 -0800 30/11/09, Les Smalley wrote:

>Are other graphic visible?


>  In the View > Options dialog, there's a check box to hide graphics (makes 
> scrolling through pages much faster).

No, that's not it: all other graphics display normally.

>Is it possible that the offset info is corrupt so the image is masked by the 
>anchored frame?  If you see the a-frame, click on its border and then 
>control-a to select the contents and then use Graphics > Object Properties to 
>see and adjust as needed.   Or the Run-Around properties are out-of-whack....

Now that's possible. When the problem manifests itself, only the anchor is 
visible: there is no frame border to click on.

>Another outside possibility is that there is a duplicate text frame overlaying 
>them, but you can often discern that if you page backward and forward - the 
>graphic will 'flash' for a second before being covered by the text frame.

Yes, I've seen that, but I don't see that behaviour here.

I will set up a test file that manifests the problem and do some forensics on 

>None of these sound particualrly likely from your description, but you never 
>know what may help resolve one of these situations or trigger the "eureka" 
>moment to fix it...
>Good luck, and let us know the outcome.

Sure will, and thanks. I'm sure there is an explanation and a solution, but 
this is a particularly nasty bug as, in a book with hundreds of figures, one 
disappearing might go unnoticed unless an explicit check was done. Anchored 
frames is something one tends to rely on FrameMaker to get right.


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