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>I'm having a frustrating problem with hypertext links. We create
>hypertext links in FM 7.2 to PDF files. Then we convert the FM document
>to PDF. The links work. We place the files in Documentum where they are
>moved to our intranet. The links work perfectly.
>We just upgraded to FM 8.0. The links still work in the PDF file until
>it is moved to our intranet-then the links no longer work. We don't want
>to have to revert back to FM 7.2 but we can't figure out how to correct
>this problem. I have tried turning on Create Named Destinations for All
>Paragraphs but it still doesn't work.
>I'm new to the list, but I have searched the archives and haven't found
>any discussion related to this problem.

Make sure you use FM8.0p273 or later. Cross-file links in PDFs authored in 
earlier releases of FrameMaker 8.0 use Unicode-encoded file paths and file 
names, which are not be supported in all environments.

Select Help > About FrameMaker to see the FM version.

To update your FM8 version, select Help > Updates.

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