The links that aren't working were created with the hypertext option
using the Open Document command. We enter the relative address a
separate file. The cross-reference links within the file seem to still
be working.

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Heinlein, Roberta wrote:
> I'm having a frustrating problem with hypertext links. We create
> hypertext links in FM 7.2 to PDF files. Then we convert the FM
> to PDF. The links work. We place the files in Documentum where they
> moved to our intranet. The links work perfectly.
> We just upgraded to FM 8.0. The links still work in the PDF file until
> it is moved to our intranet-then the links no longer work. We don't
> to have to revert back to FM 7.2 but we can't figure out how to
> this problem. I have tried turning on Create Named Destinations for
> Paragraphs but it still doesn't work.

A little more info might help.

What is the nature of the links, e.g.,
-- simple x-ref's within the same file
-- cross-file within the same book
-- cross-file to other documents not in the book
-- links to URLs
-- mailto: links
-- other hypertext commands?

Do ALL links fail, or if only some, what's different?

Are you following the identical procedure as before when creating the 
PDF files?  Using Print to Adobe PDF vs. Save As PDF?  All files open, 
including book files of cross-ref targets outside this book?  (If you 
have cross-file links, the nature of the path information saved in the 
PDF will be different depending on whether or not the target's book file

is open at the time.)  Is your folder structure the same as before?


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