Why not create a variable for the name, format it the way you want and then
do a S/R for the text and replace it with the variable. 

That way, when they change the name of the product or the formatting of the
name, you change the definition of the variable and you're done.


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Hi all,
I need a simple Find-Replace operation, which I thought I asked about once
before ... but not quite.

I now need to look for all instances of the company's name, e.g., Acme, and
apply a character style to it.

And if I am already asking, how would I apply italics to the text, instead
of applying a character style?

I have looked at a number of articles about doing Find-Replace with tags but
they all seem to discuss how to change one tag to another, or how to change
local formatting to a tag, and not how to look for text and apply to it a
tag or formatting.

I saw somebody recommended Rick Quattro's Find-Replace plug-in. I couldn't
find it. Does anybody have a link to this?


- avi

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