Sharon's suggestion is a good one. No matter what the industry, company names, 
product names, corporate identity styling, and the like are frequently subject 
to change. And if you're in the software business, change is almost de rigueur. 
The beauty of using variables for company names, etc. comes when Acme Corp. 
becomes Zenith, Inc. and all you have to do is change the variable definition 
and import it into every book in your  doc set. Sanity is preserved! Happiness 
prevails. And if you really want to preserve your sanity, replace your  
indefinite articles (a/an) with definite articles (the). This protects you from 
'an Zenith widget' embarrassment. Of course, this advice only applies for 


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Why not create a variable for the name, format it the way you want and then
do a S/R for the text and replace it with the variable. 

That way, when they change the name of the product or the formatting of the
name, you change the definition of the variable and you're done.

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