Hi Avraham

To apply the character format:
1. Create the format and apply it to a text range.
2. Select the formatted text and go to Edit->Copy Special->Character format.
3. Do a search and replace for your company name. In the Change field, select 
By pasting. This applies the character format that you copied

As for applying italics without a character format, I think most would agree 
that this is a Bad Thing. It's certainly not allowed in our office. I
don't think you can automate it.

No idea about Rick's script, but I expect he will chime in.


Roger Shuttleworth
London, Canada

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Hi all,
I need a simple Find-Replace operation, which I thought I asked about once
before ... but not quite.

I now need to look for all instances of the company's name, e.g., Acme, and
apply a character style to it.

And if I am already asking, how would I apply italics to the text, instead
of applying a character style?

I have looked at a number of articles about doing Find-Replace with tags but
they all seem to discuss how to change one tag to another, or how to change
local formatting to a tag, and not how to look for text and apply to it a
tag or formatting.

I saw somebody recommended Rick Quattro's Find-Replace plug-in. I couldn't
find it. Does anybody have a link to this?


- avi

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