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> I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I attempted to create a PDF
> yesterday of a book that I've created numerous times before. For some
> unknown reason I received an error message in the log indicating that
> certain font was not available. I occasionally get this message but I
> ignore it, because I have no idea why Frame thinks I'm using a font it
> doesn't have. It's never stopped a PDF from being created, until
> yesterday. Frame simply refused to create the PDF. I have no idea
> wrong with the file (it's the cover). The only font used is Arial.
> are no other fonts in the file. I even did a Select All and reapplied
> Arial just in case, but to no avail.
> Has anyone ever had this problem before? Is there some way to search
> Frame files for a specific font in order to change it?

FM is punishing you for ignoring that missing font message for so long.

Seriously, if the font's not being used (for instance, it exists only in
a catalog definition or on a reference page), it shouldn't prevent
Distiller from creating the PDF. Does the file contain an imported
graphic that might contain the font? 

Further diagnosis would require further information. In general, it
helps if you provide specifics like the OS, the FM version, the process
you were using to PDF, the point in the process when it failed and the
exact error message, the name of the missing font, etc. 

Here's the easiest way to get rid of missing font messages -- if they're
not coming from imported graphics or text insets, and you're really,
really sure the font shouldn't be there: Close the file with the missing
font. Go to File > Preferences > General. Clear the Remember Missing
Font Names check box and click Set. Reopen the file with the missing
font. You'll get a slightly different missing font message because this
time you're being asked if it's OK to replace the font permanently.
Accept, save the file, and the font is gone. If you care about what it's
replaced with, you'll need to learn about font mappings in the maker.ini


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