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> I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I attempted to create a PDF
> yesterday of a book that I've created numerous times before. For some
> unknown reason I received an error message in the log indicating  
> that a
> certain font was not available. I occasionally get this message but I
> ignore it, because I have no idea why Frame thinks I'm using a font it
> doesn't have. It's never stopped a PDF from being created, until
> yesterday. Frame simply refused to create the PDF. I have no idea  
> what's
> wrong with the file (it's the cover). The only font used is Arial.  
> There
> are no other fonts in the file. I even did a Select All and reapplied
> Arial just in case, but to no avail.
> Has anyone ever had this problem before? Is there some way to search
> Frame files for a specific font in order to change it?

Try opening the offending chapter file(s) before running the PDF  
process and run it again. The PDF should complete and in the error  
log, show a list of what fonts are missing.

As already stated, it is likely that there are fonts used in otherwise  
non-visible pages or even specified in paragraph or character formats,  
used ad-hoc in even one space,...


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