Thanks for the suggestion, Scott. I'll do that to get the offending
fonts out of my docs.

Meanwhile, I discovered that my problem was with my printer, even though
I was creating a PDF. I had switched to a different printer (because the
"good" printer I normally use was out of service for the day).
Apparently, the printer didn't have the "offending" fonts installed, but
why that should totally prevent me from creating a PDF is strange.
Normally I just receive a font warning but I'm able to create the PDF. I
use Frame 8 right now but I wonder if this problem (and I view it as a
bug) exists in Frame 9?

Lea Galanter
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You could save the file in question as a .mif file and open it a text  
editor and then search for the exact name of the font that is causing  
problems. I've used this trick many times.

Scott White
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On Sep 9, 2009, at 10:42 AM, Lea Galanter wrote:

> I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I attempted to create a PDF
> yesterday of a book that I've created numerous times before. For some
> unknown reason I received an error message in the log indicating  
> that a
> certain font was not available. I occasionally get this message but I
> ignore it, because I have no idea why Frame thinks I'm using a font it
> doesn't have. It's never stopped a PDF from being created, until
> yesterday. Frame simply refused to create the PDF. I have no idea  
> what's
> wrong with the file (it's the cover). The only font used is Arial.  
> There
> are no other fonts in the file. I even did a Select All and reapplied
> Arial just in case, but to no avail.
> Has anyone ever had this problem before? Is there some way to search
> Frame files for a specific font in order to change it?
> Thanks for any help!
> Lea Galanter
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