When you are printing to a file it doesn't really matter if the physical
printer is out there. You are only using the driver and creating a
postscript file, even if you use the SaveAs PDF, a postscript file is

On your Marketing graphics, they should be able to embed their unique fonts
in their graphics, which should get rid of that problem.

David Spreadbury
Sr. Technical Writer

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Thanks for the suggestion, Scott. I'll do that to get the offending
fonts out of my docs.

Meanwhile, I discovered that my problem was with my printer, even though
I was creating a PDF. I had switched to a different printer (because the
"good" printer I normally use was out of service for the day).
Apparently, the printer didn't have the "offending" fonts installed, but
why that should totally prevent me from creating a PDF is strange.
Normally I just receive a font warning but I'm able to create the PDF. I
use Frame 8 right now but I wonder if this problem (and I view it as a
bug) exists in Frame 9?

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