Over the next couple of years, I need to help my major client find and train an in-house replacement for me as I wind down my freelance practice. They will not consider an independent contractor next time, so it may be harder to recruit and identify someone with the required skills. I've built 20 years of documentation for this client in unstructured Framemaker, and managing these thousands of documents and books depends less on someone being a good technical writer than being an excellent Framemaker user.

For those of you who are corporate employers, I'd like to know how you screen candidates to identify those who truly are advanced Framemaker users. Is there a test you employ? Do you ask them to build a template from scratch? Are there certifications that you require? Do you use a recruiting service? How would you locate qualified candidates (in addition to posting to Frameusers)?

Note that I am NOT recruiting; that is still a few years down the road 8-). I just need to start thinking about the best way to replace myself. My long-time designated backup is also planning to retire in the next couple of years, so I have to start again to find the best person for my job. I am willing to train them how to do my job, but it requires their already being a master of Framemaker.



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