I've interviewed a few people for such a position in the past. Here's what has 
worked for me.

- Basic questions, such as How long have you  used FrameMaker? What is the 
latest version you've used? What's the largest number of FM users you've 
supported? What types of documents/books (financial, medical, etc.) have you 

- Ask them to describe a complex template (book preferably) they've built. 

- Ask them to send that template to you. (They may not be able to because of 
company rules. In that case, ask if they can send a different template.)

- Ask them to describe a FrameMaker challenge and how they handled it.

- Ask them to describe a creative solution or workaround in FrameMaker they've 

- Describe a real-life FrameMaker problem/challenge you've faced and ask how 
they would handle it.

These last two sound pretty basic but you can learn quite a bit about their 
experience level from the answers:

- What is your favorite feature in FrameMaker (or favorite thing about 
FrameMaker templates)?

- What features would you add to FrameMaker? (I've found this is a better 
question than "What would you change?")

I've been very pleased with the hires I've made or recommended using questions 
such as these. I've never administered an actual test.

I hope you will share what you come up with. Good luck!


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At 10:31 -0600 15/4/18, Carol J. Elkins wrote:

>Over the next couple of years, I need to help my major client find and train 
>an in-house replacement for me as I wind down my freelance practice. They will 
>not consider an independent contractor next time, so it may be harder to 
>recruit and identify someone with the required skills. I've built 20 years of 
>documentation for this client in unstructured Framemaker, and managing these 
>thousands of documents and books depends less on someone being a good 
>technical writer than being an excellent Framemaker user.
>For those of you who are corporate employers, I'd like to know how you screen 
>candidates to identify those who truly are advanced Framemaker users.

I write here as a recipient of such a test, so apols because I'm not a 
corporate recruiter/test administerer. It was for a contract with a well-known 
London-based financial business, many years ago.

The test consisted of a number of unstructured FrameMaker tasks of increasing 
difficulty, done against the clock. At that time I considered myself to be an 
advanced FrameMaker user, but wasn't ;-) Nevertheless, I completed all the 
items in the test, which took about thirty minutes, successfully. I'm afraid I 
cannot remember now what the tasks were, but I'm sure you could easily make 
your own up.

At the end I was told that I'd done the test in the shortest time ever. Didn't 
get the contract, though, as another guy did almost as well and didn't have to 
commute/work remotely :-(

To build on what Robert suggested, how about asking candidates to build a 
folksy template from scratch, and devilishly include a couple of things that 
you cannot do with FrameMaker (there must still be some)? That way you get a 
good idea of their competence *and* incorporate the performance under stress 
and key-marks in the forehead stuff. And if that works out, then ask them how 
they'd adapt it for multi-platform delivery ;-)


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