Flare isn't structured. The topic source is XHTML.

On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 9:58 AM, Eichelberger, Mark (King of Prussia)
<mark.eichelber...@fiserv.com> wrote:
> As others have mentioned, it depends on your experience.  We were using 
> unstructured Frame, so going from that to structured, topic-based authoring 
> was a bit of a jump, let alone learning a new application too.  I am sure if 
> you were already working with structured authoring, CSS, etc., you could 
> adapt to Flare quickly.
> Mark
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> Does it have a steeper learning curve than Frame?
> On 26-Jun-18 6:51 PM, Eichelberger, Mark (King of Prussia) wrote:
>> Rick,
>> I still consider myself a bit of a novice in Flare since, in my opinion, it 
>> has a steep learning curve.  But Madcap offers plenty of videos and free 
>> webinars on the basics of the software and my associates have shared many 
>> helpful tips and suggestions, so we all have gotten through the migration 
>> relatively painless.  We have had some issues with Madcap support, 
>> specifically when we ran into connectivity issues using its source control 
>> option to integrate with Microsoft Team Foundation Server.  They seemed to 
>> be very hesitant to get involved thinking it was an MS issue and not a Flare 
>> issue.  We were left to handle most of these source control issues with our 
>> companies' TFS administrators and developers.   But that has been the only 
>> blip in what has otherwise been very good support.  Their reps gets back to 
>> us with reported issues within a few  hours (our support plan provides 24 
>> hour email support as opposed to phone support)  and they are usually very 
>> responsive and helpful in is
 sue resolution.  Overall, I am very pleased with the application.
>> Mark
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>> Subject: Re: [Framers] Final note about Adobe Licensing
>> Mark,
>> Now that you are a couple of years into it, it would be good to hear what 
>> your satisfaction is with Flare versus FrameMaker. Thanks.
>> Rick
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>> Subject: Re: [Framers] Final note about Adobe Licensing
>> All of these posts regarding Adobe's poor support/abandonment of FM are one 
>> of the reasons why my company decided to focus on another tool and migrate 
>> away from FM.  All of the technical publications staff (including me) are 
>> now using Madcap Flare and we have just completed a 2 year migration of all 
>> FM documents into Flare.   It was a bit sad to say goodbye to FM, but the 
>> handwriting was on the wall.

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