Have you talked to Adobe? Your situation is far from unique, maybe they have a solution for you?


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As we are in AML compliance (anti-money laundering) and very locked down, among other 
reasons, they have issues with any application where the workstation needs to connect to 
the "mothership" over the internet, even if it is for an authorization.

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Hi John,

Forgive me for testing the loyalty you have for the people in your company, but 
the people that don't like FM installed on their network are *****. If 
FrameMaker is the tool you are using to produce content for them, why wouldn't 
they want it installed on their network?

No, there is no tool besides FrameMaker that will work with unstructured 
FrameMaker documents.


Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.

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Hi, guys...I have 5 years of FM files and my company doesn't like FM installed 
on their network.

Are there any other applications that can be installed and open native FM
11 files and retain most of the FM functionality, especially the book paradigm?


John Posada

Johan Anglemark

Tel: 0708-65 10 88

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