I had a Windows copy of Frame 3 tossed to me by my company's Tech Pubs manager 
back in 1991 or 1992. "They say this is better than PageMaker. Check it out!" I 
was immediately sold on it and I didn't even work for his department. They 
shifted over after they saw what I was doing with it.

My personal purchased Windows from 1992 was for Windows and on disks.

The suggestion to change Interleaf to FrameMaker is still operative when 
running spellcheck in FM10, which is the version I happen to have on this 
machine. It's probably still in there today. Why fix what ain't broken.

Sed Zaeem Hosain said..

For me, it was 1988 (FM version 3, I think?) on a Sun 3/50 (the one where the 
B/W monitor was physically attached to the top of the computer chassis pizza 

Peter, the first Windows version was FM 4, I think ... I beta tested it for 
Frame Technology then. Came on floppy disks (I think I still have them around 
here somewhere)!

Side-bar for those who remember the competition: when you ran spell-check in FM 
3, it would correct the word "Interleaf" to "FrameMaker". :)



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